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Hayman Reese’s standard Weight Distribution kit comes equipped with all you need to restore natural balance of your tow vehicle, suspension and steering geometry, whilst providing extra clearance around your A-frame.

Suitable for ball weights between 135 kg and 275 kg, the standard 600 lb kit comes with round style spring bars that are ideal for trailers, camper trailers, caravans or boat trailers that have 5” and 6” a-frames where the coupling is mounted in the middle or top of the A-frame.

Key Features
+ Durable cast head with integrated friction sway control tab
+ Round style spring bars providing extra clearance underneath the A-frame
+ Hex cam adjustment washer, allowing for six height adjustments
+ ¾” bolt diameter for improved strength and durability
+ Compatible with Dual Cam HP™ Sway Control
+ Lifetime warranty
+ Full range of spare parts

Hayman Reese offers the following range of 600 lb standard Weight Distribution kits to ensure there is one right for you: