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This next-generation Tow-Pro Elite sets the benchmark in trailer brake control technology which has seen it become Australia’s favourite and most trusted brake controller. Brake controllers are a requirement on trailers between 0.75 and 2 tonne GTM – brakes on at least one axel – and 2 to 4.4 tonne GTM – brakes on all wheels.

Like previous generations, the Tow-Pro Elite provides users with the ability to swap between Proportional mode (inertia sensing) for highway driving conditions and User-Controlled mode for off-road driving.

Software upgrades have been included to result in smoother braking for motorists towing heavy trailers and caravans. Importantly, the Tow Pro Elite V3 features Active Calibration, works with Electric and Electric/Hydraulic trailer brakes, supports 12 or 24 volt vehicle systems and ensures an ADR approved installation. It has also been approved by AL-KO for use with their ESC and DSC systems.

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